Why Elevator Consultants are important for Architects ?

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Why Elevator Consultants are important for Architects ?

Vertical Transportation consultants, like any other design professionals, can assist architects, with information’s that pertain to the building's vertical transportation systems such as Elevators and Escalators . For the same reasons that architects consulting with , Structural Engineer or Interior designer, architects may find the need for a Vertical Transportation Consultant.
For Architects, Elevator Consultants most fundamental service is to determine how many lifts are required for a building, how big and fast they are, which floors they serve, and how they are arranged as a system in different groups, for passengers, and for ‘goods and other service related’ purposes. As well as helping to solve the many issues that go along with that, in multi-use buildings, buildings with car parks and podiums, and so on. Our differentiators include the powerful software tools we use to arrive at recommendations on these services productively without guesswork, helping to find optimal lift ‘grouping’ solutions for Highrise buildings. Our main differentiators are our experience, in how lifts relate to other building systems and security and safety issues, planning for vertical circulation to avoid traffic issues that can affect security and fire safety, and our expertise in elevator product engineering.
Involving an elevator consultant gives architects access to key insights and knowledge concerning current and future elevator trends. For instance, Elevator Consultants can help architects stay up-to-date with smart elevator designs and future compliance regulations.
Considering the rapid pace of technological innovation, this is an essential benefit for architects. To serve their clients better, elevator consultants have their fingers on the pulse of new elevator trends and innovations; this gives architects an inside-track with emerging best-practices and products within the elevator and escalator industry.
The complexities involved in the elevator/escalator industry will only increase in the future, as technological innovations integrate with elevator designs and functionality. Having the unbiased service of an elevator consultant will help architects optimally navigate these future changes.
Essentially, hiring an elevator consultant is a strategic partnership for short and long-term growth. Our expertise, experience, pre-existing vendor relationships, industry insights, tools, and overall capabilities will help architects make fundamentally sound choices with elevator/escalator for their projects.

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