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Elevator Care During Monsoon Season

During monsoon season in which weather can be potentially hazardous, it is important that maintenance , engineering managers and building caretakers take the proper precautions to help prevent elevator damage due to water and protect the safety of building occupants. The following tips to consider before monsoon.
Initial preparations
A diagram showing the location of elevators, car numbers and the elevator car phone number should be in the designated security area. In addition, the elevator company’s emergency phone number should be available, along with any required numerical designations.
Water accumulation or seepage particularly in the lift pit and near the controller in the machine room is dangerous. Before monsoon happens, managers can start by inspecting the elevator machine room’s ventilation openings, windows and doors for possible rain leakage. If possibility of water leakage is found during the inspection, technicians can prevent water from reaching electrical panels by installing metal splash guards around ventilation openings and weather stripping around any machine room doors that open to the outdoors. Water should not seep into the lift well, particularly through the entrances. Hence the same activity shall be done for corridor windows which are near to elevator shafts too. During rains please ensure all the windows are closed to prevent water entry to elevator shafts.
And seepage of water in the lift pit should be avoided. If sub soil water collects in the lift immediately inform the elevator maintenance team and Stop using the lift from bottom floors.
With the proactive actions focusing monsoon we can avoid damages to the equipment and more importantly ensure safety of the elevator users.

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