Safety of Elevator users - A Stringent National lift Act a need for INDIA

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Safety of Elevator users - A Stringent National lift Act a need for INDIA

India is the second largest New Equipment market for Elevators and Escalators worldwide , Elevators are no longer a luxury and have become a common feature across housing complexes in India. And with that, the number of mishaps involving elevators have also shot up in recent years.
While there is a progressive Lift Act in some states like Kerala ,Maharashtra and Karnataka, there is no national policy that enforces strict safety standards regarding design, construction and installation of elevators.
Even lift licences, wherein elevators are inspected after installation and issued a license for operation, are not prevalent in all states, he said. Only 10 states in India issue lift licenses.
What also makes the situation more complex is that elevator makers employ subcontractors for installing their products. While most of the multinational manufacturers have their own training programs before certifying subcontractors, smaller, unorganised manufacturers may not invest in such training. Improper installation of elevators leads to accidents.
The National Building Code and Indian Standards (IS), which included some guidelines for the installation of elevators are only recommendatory. If a stringent National Lift Act is placed, it may pose risk to the businesses of such manufacturers who do not have the deep pockets to implement required standards.
Considering the increased accidents involving Elevators and Escalators a Stringent National Lift Act is important and will ensure proper compliance of equipment manufacture and installation and ensure safety of Elevator users.

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