Why Do you hire a Vertical Transportation Consultant ?

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Why Do you hire a Vertical Transportation Consultant ?

Vertical Transportation consultants, like any other design professionals, can assist you, the building owner with issues that pertain to the building's vertical transportation systems such as Elevators and Escalators . For the same reasons that you would hire an Architect, Structural Engineer or Interior designer, you may find the need for a Vertical Transportation Consultant. Unfortunately, for most of the upcoming Multi-story buildings or Elevator modernization/upgrade in existing old multi- storied buildings, building owners come to the realization that they need a professional Elevator consultant after they have made the decision to trust an elevator company and some problem has occurred that impacts their project’s cost or schedule. The best time to engage an Elevator consultant is before you start of the project. Building Owners and Architects need to consider the services of a Professional Elevator consultant for designing the vertical transportation systems based on the traffic analysis and building requirements. A professional Elevator Consultant will independently work in the best interest of the building owner with the different trade contractors included in the complete scope of the project. A professional consultant will become engaged in the modernization project as the first step and then should follow the project through to completion. We AEC Elevator Consultants always represent the best interest of our client in an independent and honest manner.

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