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Elevators are a major energy and cost centre in any modern building. Accordingly, the smart builders are bringing in elevator consultants early in the design phases – whether for new construction or for the revitalization of an existing building – to make sure that the project has the expertise of a vertical transportation expert.

AEC Elevator Consultants is a leading elevator consulting firm helping builders oversee and optimize their elevator and vertical transportation assets for greater efficiency and increase bottom line.

Vertical transportation solutions are one of the most expensive portion of a multi-story building. Many builders too often realize they should have engaged a consultant only after they have over paid, the contractor under delivered, or the result does not meet expectations. The vertical transportation industry is rapidly changing and ever evolving. Only a vertical transportation and elevator consultant can combat the conflicting information you will be presented with facts and codes. AEC Elevator Consultants balance the proven history of elevator components with cutting edge innovation and technology. We ensure a state of the art product , quality project execution, public safety, reduce costs and liability for your clients

Our Deliverables 

AEC Elevator Consultants’ Design and New Construction Process begins with a detailed needs analysis which will help to decide what equipment will be most appropriate for the building – according to the requests of the Builder, Architect and/or owner. This analysis includes a comprehensive feasibility study and traffic analysis. It also includes an evaluation of the proposed equipment and building conditions. The creation of mechanical, structural and electrical loads is taken into consideration and the best equipment to suit the building is specified. A solid and clear bidding process works together with the required bid documentation in order to deliver the initial stage to selecting an Elevator contractor. A comprehensive bid breakdown is compiled, complete with recommendations and additional analytic information to help determine the best bid. The project is then overseen and managed from start to finish so that the elevator work is completed in a turn-key fashion.

Value Addition of AEC for Builders

A well designed Vertical Transportation System is critical for the smooth operation of your building. Poor elevators, escalators or moving walkways design will result in wasted investment, system inefficiencies, and thus long waiting times that influence the reputation, and ultimately the value of your building. On the other hand, an over-designed Vertical Transportation system will lead to increased investment costs, loss of Gross Floor Area and higher maintenance costs to tenants.|| For a fraction of the costs of the elevators, escalators and moving walkways themselves, AEC can prepare an optimal Vertical Transportation strategy and tactical plan – balancing waiting times, core space needs, and investment and maintenance costs. All Our designs consider the building’s current and future population density, and ensure the contractor will install the appropriate overall equipment; providing overall quality and resulting in reliable, trouble-free operations during the equipment lifetime.


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