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Successful Elevator and Escalator modernizations do not occur by chance, they need to be planned for success

The life cycle of Elevators, Escalators and Moving walkways can vary considerably and is dependent on intensity of usage, quality of the initial elevator design, installation and the quality of the preventive maintenance. External factors such as ambient conditions, obsolete spare parts, fire and water damage, vandalism, end-user behavior or changes to building occupancy and usage also impact the equipment lifetime.

Based on these factors, 12-15 years is the typical time-frame after which Elevator, Escalator and Moving walks modernization should be considered. Involvement of an independent elevator consultant like us brings significant benefits and pay-back to the building owner in form of lower investment and maintenance costs, thorough and clear specifications, open tendering processes, right design, and selection of technology. AEC’s modernization strategies and plans are key opportunities to upgrade your building Elevator and Escalator’s code compliance, safety , reliability, energy efficiency and overall performance.

We at AEC Elevator consultants ensure all our Elevator and Escalator Modernisation projects are well planned and carried out there by customers can actually experience this as a smooth process, but for this to occur, we must plan the work and work the plan.

Why Specification Development is important in Elevator and Escalator Modernisation Projects.

AEC Elevator Consultant’s elevator modernization process includes a detailed needs analysis to determine what pieces of Elevators and Escalators will be utilized, retained or improved upon. With safety at the forefront, this analysis has been demonstrated to meet the client’s budgetary limits and time frame. A complete technical feasibility study and Equipment survey is then conducted which provides a comprehensive evaluation of the building, equipment and working conditions. The Elevator and Escalator modernization specifications are prepared based on the above comprehensive detailed examination of the building, equipment and working condition of the elevator, escalator or other vertical transportation equipment in the building or project. Our modernization specifications are designed to yield maximum vertical transportation performance and value to the Building Owner. Time to modernize and replace existing systems? AEC Elevator Consultants can help sort through the many options available when your vertical transportation systems need rehabilitating. We will assess current conditions and provide suggestions and documentation on everything from the most cost-efficient solutions to the most technologically advanced and exciting systems available on the market today. We skillfully guide our clients through the maze of bid documents, specifications and project management, allowing them Peace of Mind during what can be otherwise a challenging process.

Importance of Communication in Elevator and Escalator Modernisation Projects

The importance of communication in the success of a Elevator and escalator modernisation project is immense. Careful communication planning and setting the right expectations with all the project stakeholders is extremely important. Through our years of extensive project management, we believe that the success of a project is a matter of effective communication that has been continuously reinforced.


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