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An Elevator or Escalator Equipment Maintenance audit is a full review of the Elevator or Escalator equipment, typically followed by a detailed report. The purpose of an Elevator or Escalator Maintenance audit is to assess the condition of the Elevator or Escalator equipment and to provide an evaluation of the Quality of current Elevator or Escalator maintenance.

An AEC Consultant during the Elevator or Escalator maintenance audit examines the components of the Elevator or Escalator system that cannot be accessed by non-elevator trained personnel. The AEC Equipment audit will review the Elevator or Escalator components, quality of the maintenance and the overall reliability of the Elevator or Escalator system including the Elevator machine room, Elevator hoist-way, Elevator car top and Elevator pit.

This is not the same as an Elevator or Escalator Statutory inspection. An Elevator or Escalator Statutory inspection reviews only items as related to code violations. An Elevator or Escalator can shut down every other day and still be 100% code compliant.

The AEC Equipment audit gives Building managers and Building owners a look at the short term and long term condition of their buildings Elevator or Escalator systems and gives decision makers impartial pertinent information on the actual conditions of their Elevator and Escalator systems in order to make correct capital decisions. Also, if the maintenance company is not providing quality Elevator or Escalator maintenance, that will be addressed in the AEC Elevator Consultants audit report.

By performing scheduled site audit reviews on an annual or custom basis, the AEC Elevator consultant can ensure deficiencies are being corrected timely and proper levels of Elevator or Escalator maintenance services are being provided.


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